• How much do tiny homes cost?
    A tiny house can be built between $120-250 per square foot on average depending on the size and options you choose to fit your needs. For comparison, a new RV costs $320 per square foot on average.


  • What are my size options?
    A tiny house can be built in 8, 10, 12, or 15 foot widths and lengths ranging from 16 to 40 feet depending on where you plan on putting it and how often you will move it.


  • Can I tow my own tiny house?
    The 8 foot wide models can be moved by an individual. Keep in mind that a traditional wood-framed tiny house with a loft will weigh an average of 59 lbs per square foot so a one ton truck is recommended. Anything over 8 feet wide will require a wide load transport.


  • Can my tiny home be delivered?
    We are looking into transport costs with local mobile home delivery services in an effort to provide accurate shipping quotes to our customers, who will be responsible for all delivery costs. No one wants surprise costs so we will negotiate delivery rates so you will know the amount before we start your build. When your house build is complete, you will need to be available to meet the transporter at the delivery location for delivery and positioning of the house.


  • Can I finance my tiny house?
    We do not currently offer in-house financing but we are speaking with banks and finance companies to find ways to fit the tiny homes into the lending requirements. Many of the 8 foot wide models fit the requirements for a secured RV loan, whereas with the wider options some lenders require the tongue and wheels be removed per a standard mobile home loan. The simple answer is we are happy to consult with your lender before the build to make sure we account for their criteria since lenders have not yet settled on a standard for tiny homes.


  • Can I get my tiny house insured?
    Similar to the financing, the 8 foot wide models are often insured under an RV policy. The wider models can be insured as a mobile home or even a modular home.


  • What is the differences between a tiny home and an RV?
    The main differences are that tiny houses use standard building practices and standard fixtures meaning the house is easier to maintain and is built to withstand daily wear and tear of living in a home full time. We also strive to make these homes highly efficient and well-insulated for sustainable living whether on or off the grid.


  • Can I live in my tiny home year-round?
    We can install as much as an R-24 insulation in the walls and an R-45 in the roof line so no matter what climate you find yourself in, our tiny homes can be livable year-round while maintaining a comfortable and affordable living space.


  • How long will it take for my build to be complete?
    After the floorplan and selections have been made and the deposit paid, on average a build can be completed and ready for delivery in two to three months.


  • How are the tiny homes built?
    Many are built with full-sized dimensional lumber. For those that are going to be moved often and want a very minimal structure, the preferable option is a structural steel frame which is also available. This can maintain rigidness with less framing.


  • How can I prevent theft of my tiny home?
    There are many options available. Some include a tongue lock and connecting wheels with a chain and lock or removing the tongue and wheels for a more permanent set. With the smaller models we can make the jack removable so it would be difficult to hook up to. There is also the option of screw-in anchors that go into the ground before the home is parked and then used to strap down the frame.


  • Can I customize my build?
    Our houses can be built on a variety of platforms such as a typical trailer or 5th wheel frame, skid mounted, or even a shipping container. Beyond platform options, you can choose from 8 to 15 foot widths and lengths from 16 to 40 feet. We can also build in various home design styles including a single-slope modern roof, a traditional gable roofline, or a gambrel roof with or without lofts depending on mobility constraints. You can choose options for potential laundry, full-sized or small appliances, built-in porch, or even an outdoor shower. We are primarily a custom home builder so if you see a home you like but want to make changes, please contact us for a quote. We are currently building out different ideas to demonstrate options for our customers but we are happy to speak with you and build something to suit your lifestyle needs. Help us create a home that speaks to you.


  • Can I come see some tiny homes in person?
    If you live close enough to visit us to discuss a build or see your project in progress, you are welcome to schedule a tour with us. We want you to be excited by the process as much as we are. If a visit isn’t possible for you, we can plan a Zoom tour to keep you connected to your build or if you want to see our facility before starting the process of planning your new home.


  • What experience does Ace Tiny Homes have?
    I’ve been building for over 25 years with certifications in fire, water, and mold restoration. I build with maintenance in mind so we keep everything as serviceable as possible.