Every house, big or small,
should feel like home.


I’ve been building, remodeling, and restoring homes for over 25 years with certifications in fire, water, and mold restoration. We plan our houses to be as serviceable and reasonable to heat and cool as possible, that way the costs stay low even after you move in. We strive to build our homes in a way that will make them last because a home should last for generations.


Our houses can be built on a variety of platforms and in many different widths and lengths. We can also build in various design styles including a single-slope modern roof, a traditional gable roofline, or a gambrel roof, with or without lofts depending on mobility constraints. I’ve always excelled at historical modifications and out-of-the-box concepts because I believe a home should fit into the owner’s life. To me, that is why a tiny home is more than just a small house. We want to build a small space that lives along with its residents.


A tiny home can make a big impact on your life, so we want to make your new home revolve around the things you enjoy in life. Do you enjoy the warmth of real wood? The night sky? Listening to the rain? If we incorporate into your home the details that you love, you will have a home that you can thoroughly enjoy. We want to build your home so it can fit the way you want to spend your life.



Why We Do What We Do

There is a housing crisis from the center of the country stretching all the way to the coastal cities, often due to lower income levels and rising property values or lack of available land. What is needed for a good solution? A shift in the concept of a “comfortable home”. Of course everyone has differing housing needs, but many could benefit from smaller custom-fitted homes that make monthly costs lower thereby letting people invest in other aspects of life. I believe this mental shift can lead to happier home owners and provide a means of comfortable housing to those that need it. 

I’ve spent many years building and remodeling houses and during much of that time, I rented homes for myself. I knew there needed to be an option that took the pressure of monthly rent off of people. When the tiny house concept came along, I followed the interest of people in this movement and the municipalities’ acceptance of these types of homes. In building these tiny homes, it lets us focus on the craft and help provide quality homes for those looking for a better option.
We hope to offer that option to you.